“Equipment” means the items hired out by the Owner to the Hirer. “Hirer” means any person who requests the Owner to hire Equipment to it, including its employees and agents. “Owners” means One Kids Coolest Parties Canberra, its employees and agents. “Terms” means these terms and conditions. “Bond” means the amount of money to be paid prior to hiring of the Equipment to cover loss, damaged or repairs as a consequence of the hire. “Deposit” means a non-refundable 50 percent deposit for the securing of the Equipment for hire. “Full Payment” means the total hire amount including the bond less the deposit to be paid on the collection of the Equipment. “Late Fee” means the fee charged by the Owner’s to the Hirer for failure to return the Equipment on the agreed day and time.

“Standard Hire” means the agreed Equipment hire collection and return day and time as stated on the invoice. “Booking Form” means the document that details the individual Equipment for hire as requested by the Hirer. “Booking Amendments” means any additional items that the Hirer may request to be added to the Equipment hire booking. “Confirmation Booking Form” means the document provided by the Owner confirming the Equipment for hire by the Hirer. Equipment Hire Timetable the Equipment will be available by the Owner for the Hirer to collect at the Standard Hire as stated on the invoice. Any changes to that day and time must be agreed by the Owner.

Terms of Payment

A 50 percent non-refundable deposit will be required by the Hirer once the Owner has sent the Confirmation Booking Form and a deposit invoice. This will secure the Equipment for the Hirer. The Owner will invoice the Hirer the deposit amount which must be paid within 3 business days to secure the Equipment. Failure to pay by the agreed time will result in the Equipment being available for hire by other parties. Full payment is required on the day of the hire prior to collecting any Equipment.

The Full Payment amount includes the total hire amount, plus the Bond less the deposit already paid by the Hirer. These items will be documented on the invoice for the Hirer along with the terms and conditions. The amount required to be paid by the Hirer for the Bond will depend on the value of the Equipment hired. The minimum Bond amount will be $100.00.

The Bond amount will be refunded to the Hirer on the successful and safe return of the Equipment. Any damages, losses, breakage will reduce the Bond refund. All reductions to the Bond amount will be documented to the Hirer for clarification. The Hirer agrees to pay the Owner’s hire charges and any other charges, including charges for loss, damage and repairs or and tax, GST, levy, or other expenses paid or payable by the Owner. If not otherwise specified by the Owner in writing all hiring charges including taxes and duties are to be paid prior to collection of the Equipment, including the bond as detailed in the invoice.

The hirer agrees to pay any expenses incurred or loss suffered by the Owner as a result of breach by the Hirer of its obligation’s pursuant to the Terms (including legal costs on a solicitor-client basis) and to pay all costs and expenses incurred by the Owner, its legal advisors, mercantile agents and others in respect of anything instituted or being considered against the Hirer, whether for debt, possession of any Equipment or otherwise.

Booking Form

All Equipment hire request must be completed on the agreed booking form and sent to the Owner for confirmation that the Equipment will be available on the day of hire. A confirmation Booking Form will be sent to the Hirer along with an invoice for payment. The Equipment will only be secured for hire on the payment of the deposit invoice. Failure to pay the invoiced amount by the agreed date will result in the Equipment being returned for hire by other parties.

Booking Amendments

The Hirer can add additional Equipment to the booking form by completing an additional booking form and returning it to the Owner to determine if this Equipment is available for hire. The Owner will request an additional 50 percent deposit of the additional Equipment. A new Confirmation Booking Form and Invoice will be sent detailing all monies owing on this hire. Failure to pay this invoice by the agreed due date will result in all Equipment booked by the hirer to be returned for hire to other parties and any monies paid to be forfeited by the Hirer.

Repackaging of Equipment/Laundering of Equipment

All items will be purposely packed by the Owner for collection by the Hirer. The Hirer is to ensure that they are returned carefully repackaged back to the Owner with due care. They are to be purposely repacked and returned in their original crates, boxes or packaging. All glassware is to be returned washed (in warm water) and be fully dry before it is repacked by the Hirer. Fragile items such as candy jars and lids should be hand washed and handled with care. Please note most of our glassware is not designed to be washed in dishwashers.

All linen is to be returned in the same condition that it was hired in. Any damage such as soiling, stains, tears, rips must be advised by the Hirer on return of the Equipment. A charge for the damage may be charged and the Bond refunded to the Hirer will be reduced according to the amount of damage.

Damage/Breakages/Loss of Equipment

The Hirer will advise the Owner of any damage, breakages or loss of Equipment at the time of the return of the Equipment. The Hirer will be charged an appropriate fee for the damage, loss or breakage of the Equipment. The Hirer’s bond will be reduced by the same amount determined by the Owner to be the cost of the breakage, damage or loss. If the amount exceeds the Bond the Hirer agrees to reimburse the Owner the agree amount exceeding the Bond.

Late Fee

A Late Fee will be charged for all Equipment that is not returned as per the Standard Hire (unless agreed by the Owner prior to the return of the Equipment). This Late Fee will be initially $50.00 per hire. For each additional day that the Equipment is late a further $20 will be charged to the hirer.

Termination of Hire

The Owner may terminate the hire at any time. The Hirer shall have no claims for such termination. The Hirer may terminate the hire of the Equipment providing written notification that the Equipment Hire is no longer required. The 50 percent deposit will not be returned as per our terms and conditions. Any additional monies paid will be returned provided that the Owner is advised in writing 30 days prior to the Hire date.


The Hirer will assume the risk of and indemnity and hold the Owner harmless from and against any and all property damage and personal injury resulting from the use of the Equipment. The Hirer hereby releases the Owner from, and agrees to indemnify the Owner in respect of any third party claims, actions, demands, costs and expenses for damage or injury to person or property arising directly or indirectly out of the hire or use of the Equipment by the Hirer or these terms.

Terms and Conditions

The Hirer agrees to the terms and conditions of Kids Coolest Parties on payment of deposit to the Owner. If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions of hire, please call us on 0409746835 or email us at