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NEON LIGHTS – “Better Together”

Our Gorgeous “Better Together” Neon light from our new amazing range.

Can be used side by side to make one full word “Better Together” or Better on top and Together just underneath to the side.

“Better” 41.46cm (L) x 25.98 (W)     “Together” 58.54cm (L) x 32.20 (W)

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NEON LIGHTS – “Bride To Be”

Our beautiful “Bride to Be” Neon Sign.

90cm (L) x 23.27cm (W) perfect for all our backdrops we have available.

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Wiggles “Big Red Car” prop

Check out our new and exciting “Wiggles Big Red Car” Perfect for photos and designed to be used as a prop, Why not include a wiggles backdrop, A wiggle designed balloon Garland, or our wiggle features.


$38 hire price for package deal

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